7th Street Vintage was born in 2012 on the culturally-rich and vibrant streets of downtown LA. 7th street to be exact. Today, 7SV calls Saint Louis home, and our collection of eclectic finds is a direct reflection of the people, places and experiences we’ve been so lucky to meet along the way.


7SV takes pride in the diversity of its roots and would never discriminate against anyone's gender, size or choice of style. Consider 7SV a safe space to be 100% you, all while looking fantastic doing it.



I started this business for one reason. To help you look and feel your absolute best. And after over 10 years spent as a stylist, I’ve found the best way to make that happen isn’t to tell you what you should wear, but to help you curate a wardrobe you want to wear. 


I’ve always been drawn to vintage clothing because it empowers me to create more unique styles, but as an avid recycler and outdoor-enthusiast, I also take great pride in knowing I’m helping avoid filling landfills with poorly made fast-fashion. (All packaging used to ship 7SV is 100% biodegradable, btw)


So whether you’re looking to make a statement with a new outfit, searching for an alternative to the uniformity of fast-fashion or you just want to say, “hi”, I can’t wait hear from you.